There Will Be Flood


Without warning, various genres of iOS apps will suddenly propagate the App Store in bursts. It happens all the time. I’m sure you all remember the Twitter app explosion; icons designed with every kind of communication metaphor imaginable came exploding onto the scene. After that, it was task management apps. In fact, there are people that still cringe at the thought of seeing another icon with a checkmark front and center. Then, personal bias begins to play up when the initial boom of these apps slows down. People pick sides, and opinions are formed and defended. Developers that are late to the game get ignored. (If you ship the 27th todo app we’ve seen this month, you’re quickly written off.) The newest genre to hit this iOS app trend is weather, which is both a good and bad phenomenon.

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SurfacePad for iPhone — Designed for Some

SurfacePad S1

The Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone is a special accessory made for a specific group of people. The cover makes itself known by appealing to those who do not like cases and refuse to use one. That can be a large number of people, but it still only speaks to a small portion within that group. Some will find the SurfacePad massively appealing, lovely, and dignified while others may find its form too different or too restricting.

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Why read? The simple answer to this question is because I enjoy it. I enjoy being able to sit down, be silent, and have an entire world unfold in my mind. How I decide to give these characters faces, personalities, lives, and above all, give these words life is all up to my imagination. However, the reason I read now as opposed to why I didn’t read before is different. It’s honestly a lifestyle change that I think is worth sharing.

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Vine: A Re-Exploration of Instant Video Sharing


On January 24th, Twitter released Vine, and it’s since been labeled as the Instagram for video. This statement seems true at first glance, but what if Twitter is going for a different concept entirely?

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On Mine: Momento App


Looking back, I wish I had done a lot of things differently. Taken out less student loans, waited a bit longer to get a sleeve tattoo, and maybe I would have journaled more. I wish I had photos and videos and Facebook posts from my teenage years (er, Myspace posts…). There’s no use in tears though, because with the Momento app, I can begin collecting my 20s!

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Keep It Light with the Power Support Air Jacket


Since the launch of the iPhone 5, the arms race to create the best case has been never-ending. With the introduction of a new, slimmer design, case manufacturers have to adjust to this curve. We’ve covered a few, but one quality case that is simple, clean, and minimal stands out above the rest. The Incase Snap, Poetic Atmosphere, Noot, Switcheasy NUDE, and Anker Glaze all try to adapt to the new specs and come quite close, but only the Power Support Air Jacket manages to perfect the design.

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My Top 10 Movies of All Time


After some discussion on Twitter, I’ve attempted to name my favorite 10 movies of all time, a daunting challenge considering the great expanse of film history that the phrase “of all time” embodies. Another obstacle in creating this register was rank. Usually I’d shy away from hierarchy, but that’s a cop-out.

As a whole, movies are a very emotional and subjective topic, so I’m not trying to tell anyone what their list should look like. I know that my list will differ wildly from many others, and that has mostly to do with my taste in film. Also, I’m not providing justification for why I feel this way about these films, I’m just telling you what I like. For me, these are the best of the best.

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Tough as Glass with the Bodyguardz Pure


There’s always a brief period of time wherein I consider applying a screen protector to my phone. I’ve never, not once, had a scratch on the front of my phone due to the iPhone’s use of Gorilla Glass, but the thought periodically sneaks into my mind anyway. After giving in to the screen protector temptation and affixing one to the display, I immediately realize the loss in screen quality, and the difference between sliding my finger across glass and sliding it across cheap plastic becomes heavily apparent. Thank goodness for glass screen protectors. They’ve been around for a few years, but until now, I’ve never taken the plunge and put one to the test.

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The Rugged Simplicity of Phil’s Wallets


Next to finding the perfect belt (or iPhone case), discovering the perfect wallet is something many of us have problems with. Nate previously reviewed the Slimmy wallet and recommended it 101%. Finding something that suited my needs, however, was more of a challenge. I’ve been searching high and low for a simplistic wallet that allows me to carry four to six cards with an extra slot for bills. There are dozens of wallets that do exactly this, but Phil’s Wallets approaches it from an entirely different perspective that’s worth mentioning.

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Comics for Those Who Hate Comics


So, you’re not a fan of Batman. You thought the Avengers movie was charming but really not your style. To you, the idea of men dressing up in tights to fight crime is preposterous and best left to children. Because of this, the realm of comic books has nothing to offer you, right? Wrong. Like books, movies, and television, comics are another outlet for telling stories. With the right hook, even you can find one that lasts in your mind long after it’s been read.

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