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Nate is a devoted husband, dad, and part-time media student. Nate's fanatical about technology, good design, UI/UX, good coffee, music, and film. He dabbles in photography, video editing, and the like. You can find him on Twitter at the handle @nateboateng.

Unread — RSS for iOS 7 & Giveaway!

Jared Sinclair is mostly known for his previous offerings in the App Store: Pillboxie is a medication management app (Jared’s a registered nurse), and Riposte is an innovative client — co-created with Jamin Guy — that demonstrates some incredibly original mechanics that read more »

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Limelight — Beautiful Movie Tracking

Limelight is a new app from the team at 9:42AM that makes tracking movies simple and gorgeous. The 9:42AM team is made up of developer Oliver Cameron and designer Marcelo Marfil, and the focus of their newly found app shop read more »

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There Will Be Flood

Without warning, various genres of iOS apps will suddenly propagate the App Store in bursts. It happens all the time. I’m sure you all remember the Twitter app explosion; icons designed with every kind of communication metaphor imaginable came exploding read more »

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My Top 10 Movies of All Time

After some discussion on Twitter, I’ve attempted to name my favorite 10 movies of all time, a daunting challenge considering the great expanse of film history that the phrase “of all time” embodies. Another obstacle in creating this register was read more »

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Thoughts on the iPhone 5

Reviews of the iPhone 5 can be found all over the Internet, but here’s my insight. First of all, this generation feels different than previous iterations, mostly because the apps play a more prominent role in the overall feel of the device. read more »

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Ecoute for iPhone – The Music App Redone

Ecoute for Mac changed the game in terms of solid iTunes replacements. The simple but refined interface, social network integration, and stand-out features made it a great buy. The developers at PixiApps have since turned their focus to iOS, and read more »

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Sitting Down with Karim Morsy

The Culture Milk interview series continues with someone who knows all about App Store success. Karim Morsy is the CEO of Algoriddim, which are best known for their award winning apps djay and vjay. Karim stopped by to share some read more »

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Checkmark – Reminders Reimagined

My struggles with todo apps are well documented. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I wont ever settle on one system, but instead attempt to use what works fully knowing that “what works” may change on a whim. Well read more »

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Clear Skies with Weathersnitch 2.1

Most iPhone users like to keep track of their local weather. With the introduction of Notification Center in iOS 5, some people were happy with the new forecast features that were available natively in the OS. But geeks wanted more. read more »

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Netflix Picks – Skid Row

Most of us are huge fans of Netflix. So why not share some great films that we come across while browsing the Instant Watch catalog! Netflix Picks will be a new regular feature here at Culture Milk. If you have read more »

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