Tough as Glass with the Bodyguardz Pure


There’s always a brief period of time wherein I consider applying a screen protector to my phone. I’ve never, not once, had a scratch on the front of my phone due to the iPhone’s use of Gorilla Glass, but the thought periodically sneaks into my mind anyway. After giving in to the screen protector temptation and affixing one to the display, I immediately realize the loss in screen quality, and the difference between sliding my finger across glass and sliding it across cheap plastic becomes heavily apparent. Thank goodness for glass screen protectors. They’ve been around for a few years, but until now, I’ve never taken the plunge and put one to the test.

The Bodyguardz Pure premium glass screen protector is an incredibly simple concept: take the idea of plastic screen protectors and make them glass. The idea behind the product comes from the same woes I mentioned above — a substantial loss of screen quality and user experience after applying a plastic protector. When applying the Bodyguardz Pure, not only do you keep the same crystal clear look of your glass screen, but you also gain durability and longevity.

When I first found out about glass screen protectors, they made little sense to me. Your standard piece of glass scratches and breaks easily, so it’s not something I’d choose to protect a device that costs hundreds of dollars. Upon receiving the protector, though, I realized just how powerful and strong this one single piece of glass was. When ordering my first Bodyguardz Pure, I opted for the Bodyguardz Advantage Program so I could easily replace it for $13 (free shipping). Because of this generous replacement program, I decided to test the first one for durability. I smashed it against a wall, threw it at the ground, and hit it flat with a hammer. Afterward, there were no visible scratches or clear breaks in the glass. The only way I managed to break it was by snapping the protector directly in half. I had to snap the protector directly in half. This put my questions and negative curiosities regarding glass screen protectors to rest.

With glass screen protectors, there are two major competing products to choose from: Bodyguardz Pure and Spigen’s GLAS.t. These protectors are virtually the same since they both use durable glass that protects the phone from scratches and direct damage. However, the better of the two lies directly in the Bodyguardz Advantage Program. With the Advantage Program, you can replace your screen protector for a price of $13 USD at any time, forever. On top of that, any future purchase you make gets an automatic 20% discount that can be stacked with other coupons or deals. The problem with Spigen is that you get an $18 USD exchange fee that’s only good for 30 days. After that, the product is full price once again. And that’s not the only problem. We can’t speak for ourselves, but you don’t have to search far to see many people having issues with the GLAS.t chipping.

Bodyguardz has spent time perfecting its brand for many, many years. The company has created stellar products, but it requires true devotion and drive to take an idea that has already been created and perfect it to its core. It’s obvious that no corners were cut when making the Bodyguardz Pure glass screen protector, and the evidence lies within this immaculate creation that has surpassed all of my expectations. It doesn’t break or chip easily, it’s nearly impossible to ruin, and the Bodyguardz exchange prices put them above the rest. If you need a screen protector for your iPhone and want one that is long-lasting, the Bodyguardz Pure is exactly what you need. It’s sure to give you the best results.

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