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Since the launch of the iPhone 5, the arms race to create the best case has been never-ending. With the introduction of a new, slimmer design, case manufacturers have to adjust to this curve. We’ve covered a few, but one quality case that is simple, clean, and minimal stands out above the rest. The Incase Snap, Poetic Atmosphere, Noot, Switcheasy NUDE, and Anker Glaze all try to adapt to the new specs and come quite close, but only the Power Support Air Jacket manages to perfect the design.

Power Support is a company that has been around for years making incredible screen protectors, cases, sleeves, and various accessories for Apple products. Principally, Power Support brings experience to the table. Their knowledge of the market is one thing that makes me excited to see what they offer when it comes to the Air Jacket for the iPhone 5. They’re not a company to cut corners; instead, they create products that will set them apart from competitors.

The Air Jacket itself follows a very simple design that I, personally, have been looking for. I buy cases for their looks and scratch protection. I’m careful with my phone and not prone to drop it, so extremely durable cases like those from the Otterbox line add extra bulk that I don’t need. Scuffs and scratches are my main issues. With the Air Jacket, the entire back surface and sides of the iPhone fit snugly inside the case. There are small cutouts for each respective button and port with no large cutouts similar to what you’d find in other cases like the Incase Snap. There are two small holes for both volume buttons, another small cutout for the silent switch, an additional one for the power button, and similar openings for the headphone jack and lightning connector. On top of that, the case’s area for the speaker has tiny holes drilled into it that are perfectly superimposed on the iPhone’s own speaker grill. The attention to detail in this case is astounding.

Air Jacket Stand

Aside from the attention to detail, there’s always the way a case generally feels in your hand. There’s no reason you should buy a case if you see yourself dropping the phone repeatedly due to how slippery or grease-prone the surface may be. After receiving the Air Jacket, I felt the case slipping between my fingers like hot butter on bread. However, after a few days of use, the problem seemed to correct itself — the surface of the case now feels more definite and grippy, which allows me to pick it up without hesitation.

The case itself is made of plastic similar to what you’d receive from any other company. There’s nothing special about this plastic aside from it not being the worst quality available. There are various other suppliers that skimp out on the quality of their materials, and it ends up showing when the case picks up scuffs and heavily noticeable scratches. The Air Jacket has been in and out of my pocket for the past few weeks and still looks incredible.

The look of the Power Support Air Jacket really captures the ideas of minimalism and simplicity. The range of colors from white and black to clear and smoke give the user choices while still maintaining elegance. The opaque colors (black and white) allow the case to add its own aesthetic to the device, and the clear and smoke colors lend themselves to the actual look of the iPhone. The smoke variant that I received is noticeably nice and blends almost too well with the black iPhone.

All in all, the Air Jacket from Power Support is one of the first cases that I have been fully content with. It’s the first case that I’ve used for an extended period of time and have felt that it suits my needs perfectly. The simplicity of it helps me realize the beauty of the iPhone, and the absence of huge, gaping cutouts reminds me that my phone will always be protected from scratches. Although, if you’re looking for something that will protect the phone from drops or if you want a lip for resting the phone face down, you might want to take a look at one of the other cases we’ve reviewed. For my needs, however, it’s perfect. Clean, simple, elegant, and sturdy. The Power Support Air Jacket goes for $39.95 on their site and comes in black, white, clear, and smoke. If your needs match mine, I highly recommend it.

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