Listen Up: Kendrick Lamar

I love music, specifically hip-hop. Once in a while an LP comes along that I’ll listen to over and over. For the past couple weeks I’ve had Kendrick Lamar’s “Section 80” on repeat. Lamar has a very interesting but skillful delivery coupled with superb jazz-fusion beats on nearly every track. I highly recommend you have a listen. You can find the album on Rdio, my subscription service of choice. If Spotify is your thing, we’ve got you covered. Of course, you can buy the album as well on iTunes or Amazon.

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Nate is a devoted husband, dad, and part-time media student. Nate's fanatical about technology, good design, UI/UX, good coffee, music, and film. He dabbles in photography, video editing, and the like. You can find him on Twitter at the handle @nateboateng.
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JakeMoore moderator

This is a refreshing album. I've been consistently disappointed with current rap and hip-hop and have been wanting something worth listening to that actually does the genre justice. Thanks to @rickitysherman I found Incise and a few other artists. This album makes me like hip-hop again.

NateBoateng moderator

@JakeMoore Totally agree! It's been a sad state for a bit, but this along with The Roots' undun has made me very very happy.