Rdio Roundabout

Welcome back! This is the second iteration of our fantastical Rdio Roundabout. We hope you give these artists a listen and turn on your groovesational ear gadgets for maximum enjoyment factor.

Nate’s Picks

Float by Aesop Rock

First up this week for me has to be Aesop Rock’s “Float”. “Float” has long been out of print, but thanks to the digital realm, it’s made a triumphant return. Hip hop fans should already know all about Aesop, but if you don’t, now is your time to get on board. Very few, and I mean very few emcees have skills that can even come close to Aesop Rock. Float is another superb demonstration of the gritty and intense rap that draws people into Aesop Rock’s music. Make no mistake, if radio rap is your thing, you probably won’t care to delve into something like this. I wouldn’t consider Aesop “backpacker” rap, but you certainly won’t hear this played on the radio. I can’t recommend this album highly enough. It’s just great.

Neck of the Woods
Neck of the Woods by Silversun Pickups

Next on my list is “Neck of the Woods” from Silversun Pickups. I always really liked these guys, and even though I admittedly haven’t gotten to listen to the whole album, I’m pretty sure I can safely recommend it. Their music has always been the type that I can listen to while getting work done. It’s got a melodic and somewhat droning (not in a bad way) sound that I really enjoy. Definitely check this one out.

Jake’s Picks

Blunderbuss by Jack White

I’ve always had a love affair for Jack White since I heard his guitar terrorism back in the White Stripes days. This is a new album from the voice quivering lyric smashing man himself. This album is full of toe tappers and brain mappers. Check it out.

Master of My Make Believe
Master Of My Make Believe by Santigold

Slightly reminiscent of Sleigh Bells, but not quite as ear-blood inducing, this poppy electro-fuzz album is a good listen for everyone. Suck up the reverb and luscious voice from this album and give that junk a listen.

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