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Many times have passed over the course of three years where I have desperately wanted to find a new pair or earphones that lived up to my standards. I go through a phase where I deal with headphones, but quickly realize they’re too large to be portable and comfortable. Followed by a phase where I read reviews of every single pair of earphones on Amazon. Yes — every. single. pair. However, finding this pair of earphones was more than a joy, to say the least. They had all the features I needed, were tangle-free, and looked amazingly stylish. Only problem was: I could only find out about the sound quality by actually owning a pair.


The design of these earphones is downright gorgeous. Instead of focusing in on how earphones in their own essence should be designed, the company took the form factor of the iPhone into consideration. The earphones themselves hold a flat structure so they can easily manage to be tangle-free, and it easily matches the iPhone 4/4Ss blockier form factor.


Using these earphones has equally shown that putting time and effort into a product not only makes them works wondrously, but also makes them look gorgeous. Aside from looking gorgeous, they function equally as well. With the tangle free cords, the easy-to-use buttons, and the ability to have them replace your standard iPhone mic, these cords have excelled in the field of needed quality designed earphones.



After using these headphones, I’ve found them to be a step above the average ones that I’ve used. The earphones themselves have a very strong emphasis on bass, midrange is perfectly warm, and soundstage is forward. The highs were nice, however, occasionally, they’ve sounded far off and a bit scratchy or muddied.

The controls on the a-JAYS work just as they should. There weren’t many problems from my tests, but I have yet to find a microphone set that has problems. One problem I did notice was that the sound range for the microphone is incredibly low. Moving the mic closer to my face so others can hear me was done almost upwards 5 times per conversation. But, what we will say is that the addition of the flat cord made listening to music a joy and any background noise you’d hear from the cord hitting your chest was minimal — solely due to the form factor.

Wrap Up

The a-JAYS Four earphones are phenomenal. From quality sound, decent bass, and working just as they should, these earphones have succeed most tests I’ve thrown at them. The controls of the headphones work perfectly, and the flat cord is a much welcomed addition compared to the a-JAYS One+. The packaging in its own light is gorgeous and the different sleeves, along with the base design of the earphones, goes to show how much a company can devote themselves to making a quality product and when the right work is put in the right places, you are given something great. That something great is the a-JAYS Four. If I could recommend any pair of earphones, it would be these. They’re freshly available from JAYS website for $79.99, and again: I strongly recommend them.

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