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Fantastical — Making the Obvious the Standard

It’s difficult to find apps that possess a flawless blend of usability, design, and function, but sometimes you stumble upon that perfect combination. Apps like Tweetie of yesteryear, the newly reborn Facebook app, and even the slow rebuilding of Instagram read more »

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Beasts of the Southern Wild

“Daddy could’ve turned into a tree, or a bug. There wasn’t any way to know.” “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is a work of pure imagination and unfettered human emotion that is easily a contender for my favorite film of read more »

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Cleartones — Fresh, Clean, Pleasant Sounds

Walking down the street, shopping at the mall, and riding on the metro, although typically unrelated, usually have one thing in common: the nearby noise of a horrendous, grating, brain-piercing ringtone. Ringtones are meant to work as alarm clocks do; read more »

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Flurry — Simplicity Meets Usability and Design

[UPDATE: Winners have been chosen! Congrats to @Suckersapien, @lanceloeffler, @Failgunner, @mreakus, and @joshuaarnao!] Today’s Twitter apps are either one of two things: usable or beautiful. We rarely see a perfect mesh of both, yet Flurry manages to blend the beauties read more »

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Ecoute for iPhone – The Music App Redone

Ecoute for Mac changed the game in terms of solid iTunes replacements. The simple but refined interface, social network integration, and stand-out features made it a great buy. The developers at PixiApps have since turned their focus to iOS, and read more »

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Stir Up a Song with Ramen Music

We live in a life and time where listening to music has become ten times more complicated than it needs to be. Why? We have no idea. You can’t listen to music that you may enjoy because someone is waiting read more »

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Checkmark – Reminders Reimagined

My struggles with todo apps are well documented. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I wont ever settle on one system, but instead attempt to use what works fully knowing that “what works” may change on a whim. Well read more »

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The Transit App is Right on Time

As Google’s diligently incorporated dozens of local transit services in to Google Maps over recent years, Apple’s decided to throw Google under the bus and rock their own Maps. While iOS 6 showcases some gorgeous new maps with walking directions read more »

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a-JAYS Four – Easy Listening

Many times have passed over the course of three years where I have desperately wanted to find a new pair or earphones that lived up to my standards. I go through a phase where I deal with headphones, but quickly read more »

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Puur – Beautifully Handcrafted Sleeves

I love my iPhone. It’s with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I never set it down for anything. It gets good use and deserves good protection. It’s something I’ve invested money into and something I read more »

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