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Falling Flat

With iOS 7 comes a new way to design apps and make them appeal to an audience. The overall scheme, as of now, is to simply make everything flat and basic. While this model works well for certain apps (such read more »

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My Problem with Facebook Home

My problem with Facebook Home isn’t that it’s a dumb idea or that it’s used poorly in practice, but rather that Facebook simply isn’t like that for me or numerous other people. The idea behind Facebook is to help you read more »

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Vine: A Re-Exploration of Instant Video Sharing

On January 24th, Twitter released Vine, and it’s since been labeled as the Instagram for video. This statement seems true at first glance, but what if Twitter is going for a different concept entirely?

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Maps: Now or Never

Many people are upset that the new iOS Maps app even exists. Many are upset that it’s not the classic Google Maps API put into an app anymore. The frustration is justified, but you have to know one thing: it read more »

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