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Checkmark – Reminders Reimagined

My struggles with todo apps are well documented. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I wont ever settle on one system, but instead attempt to use what works fully knowing that “what works” may change on a whim. Well read more »

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The Transit App is Right on Time

As Google’s diligently incorporated dozens of local transit services in to Google Maps over recent years, Apple’s decided to throw Google under the bus and rock their own Maps. While iOS 6 showcases some gorgeous new maps with walking directions read more »

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VSCO CAM — Minimalistically Beautiful Photos

It’s probably correct to assume that most people who own or use an iPhone on a daily basis will have a ‘Top 5’ in terms of their favourite apps, and it is most likely that at least one of the read more »

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Stay Updated with Reeder 3.0

For quite a while now, there seems to have been quite a misleading concept beginning with the statement “RSS is dead.” No doubt, if you use Twitter, Facebook and the Internet in general for your daily news reading then you’re read more »

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Get Fit with Fitocracy

Many, many times we start to realize that our living style either isn’t healthy or is doing nothing for our bodies in terms of wellness. We try and try to work out and stay fit, but we have no motivation. read more »

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