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Falling Flat

With iOS 7 comes a new way to design apps and make them appeal to an audience. The overall scheme, as of now, is to simply make everything flat and basic. While this model works well for certain apps (such read more »

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Limelight — Beautiful Movie Tracking

Limelight is a new app from the team at 9:42AM that makes tracking movies simple and gorgeous. The 9:42AM team is made up of developer Oliver Cameron and designer Marcelo Marfil, and the focus of their newly found app shop read more »

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There Will Be Flood

Without warning, various genres of iOS apps will suddenly propagate the App Store in bursts. It happens all the time. I’m sure you all remember the Twitter app explosion; icons designed with every kind of communication metaphor imaginable came exploding read more »

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Vine: A Re-Exploration of Instant Video Sharing

On January 24th, Twitter released Vine, and it’s since been labeled as the Instagram for video. This statement seems true at first glance, but what if Twitter is going for a different concept entirely?

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On Mine: Momento App

Looking back, I wish I had done a lot of things differently. Taken out less student loans, waited a bit longer to get a sleeve tattoo, and maybe I would have journaled more. I wish I had photos and videos read more »

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Twitterrific 5 — Changing the Game. Again.

Twitterrific is old; Twitterrific is new. Twitterrific is traditional; Twitterrific is innovative. Remarkably, Twitterrific 5 is all of these things. As one of the original groundbreaking apps that pushed Twitter into the realm of popularity, the Iconfactory has decided that read more »

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Fantastical — Making the Obvious the Standard

It’s difficult to find apps that possess a flawless blend of usability, design, and function, but sometimes you stumble upon that perfect combination. Apps like Tweetie of yesteryear, the newly reborn Facebook app, and even the slow rebuilding of Instagram read more »

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Flurry — Simplicity Meets Usability and Design

[UPDATE: Winners have been chosen! Congrats to @Suckersapien, @lanceloeffler, @Failgunner, @mreakus, and @joshuaarnao!] Today’s Twitter apps are either one of two things: usable or beautiful. We rarely see a perfect mesh of both, yet Flurry manages to blend the beauties read more »

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Instafocus — The Scoop

There is no shortage of Instagram jokes out there. Food, mirror shots, cats and Taylor Lautner plague the Instagram popular page, leaving little room for the photography that actually deserves to inhabit the area. This isn’t new either; Instagram is read more »

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Ecoute for iPhone – The Music App Redone

Ecoute for Mac changed the game in terms of solid iTunes replacements. The simple but refined interface, social network integration, and stand-out features made it a great buy. The developers at PixiApps have since turned their focus to iOS, and read more »

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