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Chase Oros is a right-brained human from St. Louis, MO. He can’t solve trigonometry, but he can whip up an interface design with a thin blindfold. He talks to strangers on a regular basis.

Vine: A Re-Exploration of Instant Video Sharing

On January 24th, Twitter released Vine, and it’s since been labeled as the Instagram for video. This statement seems true at first glance, but what if Twitter is going for a different concept entirely?

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Keeping it Simple with Clear

Some apps just aren’t for everyone. But there is one that may at least give people an alternate way to think about how apps should be interacted with, and how many features one might actually need. This app is Clear.

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iBooks Textbooks

Yesterday, Apple released a new version of iBooks which foremost adds the feature of downloadable textbooks. While it wasn’t much of a surprise, it may be the start of a fresh new age for education.

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Cosmonaut Stylus

Back in October of 2010, Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt of Studio Neat started a Kickstarter project for the Glif, a tripod adapter and stand for the iPhone 4. The project succeeded wonderfully, and they came back this past March read more »

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Xbox’s New Focus On Media

On the night of December 6th, Xbox released a new Dashboard update to the public with a fresh new interface and a plethora of new features. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with the new additions, and read more »

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Kickstart This – Robdechi

Though it may only be suitable for traveling in cold climates and winter months, Robdechi is a concept that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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