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An enthusiastic writer who values quality over quantity. The abundance of posts shouldn't make the site, but rather, the quality of them. Aiming for perfection is the goal and anything less isn't acceptable. Long walks on the beach are accepted, however.

Twitterrific 5 — Changing the Game. Again.

Twitterrific is old; Twitterrific is new. Twitterrific is traditional; Twitterrific is innovative. Remarkably, Twitterrific 5 is all of these things. As one of the original groundbreaking apps that pushed Twitter into the realm of popularity, the Iconfactory has decided that read more »

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Fantastical — Making the Obvious the Standard

It’s difficult to find apps that possess a flawless blend of usability, design, and function, but sometimes you stumble upon that perfect combination. Apps like Tweetie of yesteryear, the newly reborn Facebook app, and even the slow rebuilding of Instagram read more »

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Tech Journalism and the Real World

Today in the tech world, we’re being deprived of true journalism. Instead of seeing what it means to be a journalist, we see what it means to have a hard bias toward something. Bias is most common in politics. As read more »

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Cleartones — Fresh, Clean, Pleasant Sounds

Walking down the street, shopping at the mall, and riding on the metro, although typically unrelated, usually have one thing in common: the nearby noise of a horrendous, grating, brain-piercing ringtone. Ringtones are meant to work as alarm clocks do; read more »

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Flurry — Simplicity Meets Usability and Design

[UPDATE: Winners have been chosen! Congrats to @Suckersapien, @lanceloeffler, @Failgunner, @mreakus, and @joshuaarnao!] Today’s Twitter apps are either one of two things: usable or beautiful. We rarely see a perfect mesh of both, yet Flurry manages to blend the beauties read more »

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Maps: Now or Never

Many people are upset that the new iOS Maps app even exists. Many are upset that it’s not the classic Google Maps API put into an app anymore. The frustration is justified, but you have to know one thing: it read more »

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Boxy — Changing Apple Support

Have you ever had a problem with your iPhone and couldn’t make it out to an Apple Store in a timely fashion? Surely; we all have. There are hours of hesitation between now and then, times where you have to read more »

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sell My iPhone

Many people, including all of us here at Culture Milk, have seen and are excited in the utmost regard for the iPhone 5. Some of us are more excited than others (it’s all black. 100% black.) and with that comes read more »

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Stir Up a Song with Ramen Music

We live in a life and time where listening to music has become ten times more complicated than it needs to be. Why? We have no idea. You can’t listen to music that you may enjoy because someone is waiting read more »

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a-JAYS Four – Easy Listening

Many times have passed over the course of three years where I have desperately wanted to find a new pair or earphones that lived up to my standards. I go through a phase where I deal with headphones, but quickly read more »

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