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An enthusiastic writer who values quality over quantity. The abundance of posts shouldn't make the site, but rather, the quality of them. Aiming for perfection is the goal and anything less isn't acceptable. Long walks on the beach are accepted, however.

Animal Community

I’m an Animal Crossing obsessionist. Just to make sure everyone understands how deep I am into this game, I have a Japanese friend who gets me exclusive items. I have full sets of unorderable items. I have nearly 60 million read more »

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My Time at Otakon 2013

This year, on a whim, I decided to go to Otakon with two of my friends. One of them, Matt, I’ve known for over a decade. The other, Shirley, a little over a month. The decision was fueled by nothing read more »

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My Problem with Facebook Home

My problem with Facebook Home isn’t that it’s a dumb idea or that it’s used poorly in practice, but rather that Facebook simply isn’t like that for me or numerous other people. The idea behind Facebook is to help you read more »

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Sitting Down with Geoffrey Sechter of Culination

Culination is a new start-up that aims to deliver the delicious, healthy meals that you and I crave to the home. Without breaking the bank or being painfully exhausting to prepare, Culination provides something that appeals to today’s average person with read more »

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SurfacePad for iPhone — Designed for Some

The Twelve South SurfacePad for iPhone is a special accessory made for a specific group of people. The cover makes itself known by appealing to those who do not like cases and refuse to use one. That can be a read more »

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Why read? The simple answer to this question is because I enjoy it. I enjoy being able to sit down, be silent, and have an entire world unfold in my mind. How I decide to give these characters faces, personalities, read more »

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Keep It Light with the Power Support Air Jacket

Since the launch of the iPhone 5, the arms race to create the best case has been never-ending. With the introduction of a new, slimmer design, case manufacturers have to adjust to this curve. We’ve covered a few, but one quality case read more »

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Tough as Glass with the Bodyguardz Pure

There’s always a brief period of time wherein I consider applying a screen protector to my phone. I’ve never, not once, had a scratch on the front of my phone due to the iPhone’s use of Gorilla Glass, but the read more »

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The Rugged Simplicity of Phil’s Wallets

Next to finding the perfect belt (or iPhone case), discovering the perfect wallet is something many of us have problems with. Nate previously reviewed the Slimmy wallet and recommended it 101%. Finding something that suited my needs, however, was more read more »

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Searching for the Perfect iPhone Case

Many people on the hunt for the ultimate in iPhone protection are realizing how elusive the perfect case really is. Pinpointing the perfect case is a substantial challenge when there are options other than the simplicity of its design and the read more »

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