The Rugged Simplicity of Phil’s Wallets


Next to finding the perfect belt (or iPhone case), discovering the perfect wallet is something many of us have problems with. Nate previously reviewed the Slimmy wallet and recommended it 101%. Finding something that suited my needs, however, was more of a challenge. I’ve been searching high and low for a simplistic wallet that allows me to carry four to six cards with an extra slot for bills. There are dozens of wallets that do exactly this, but Phil’s Wallets approaches it from an entirely different perspective that’s worth mentioning.

Phil’s Wallets are handmade in Florida by Phil Kopsaftis and his girlfriend. Using recycled leather, the wallets are hand stitched one-by-one. Aside from the distinct and meticulous craftsmanship, Phil’s Wallets have everything you’d expect a minimal wallet to have. The two card slots are deep and wide enough to fit multiple cards and durable enough to ensure none of them accidentally find their way onto the ground and into someone else’s pocket. In addition to the card slots on either side, there is a singular wedge in the middle to hold folded cash. The wedge isn’t made for three or four bills; it can hold dozens at a time. The largest amount of paper money I’ve had in my wallet has been 21 separate bills, which fit comfortably in their designated place. Not to mention, the bulk added by the cash contributes to the wallet’s look and helps the cards to have a more snug and definite placement in their slots.


As you can see by the images, the wallet looks a bit worn in. The main idea behind Phil’s Wallets is to bring a matured look to your wallet over time. The wallet, when brand new, is raw and looks similar to a craft project; the more you use it, the more worn, pliable, and broken-in it becomes. It doesn’t deteriorate in quality, but better yet, it adopts a new, distinct look that I enjoy. It maintains its level of ruggedness while keeping its usability and core function. As time goes on, the wallet feels better and more natural thanks to the quality recycled leather used in its construction. When ordering from Phil, you receive a random combination of colors, but each wallet is crafted from a mellow, earthy leather that looks increasingly better with age. The blue and tan color combo that I received looks wonderfully worn-in after a bit of use.

For years I’ve searched for a good wallet, one that I could throw in my pocket and pull money out of with little to no problem. I’ve found a few, but their level of unimaginative construction didn’t help with the process of choosing one that I could truly enjoy and use for years. With Phil’s Wallets, it’s clear that the wallets are created and stitched together with care and attention, not impulsively manufactured by the ton. It’s a great wallet, in my opinion, and with its nice earthy colors, rugged leather, and quality feel, I can’t help but love it.

You can grab one of Phil’s Wallets from his site for $12 USD or $20 for two.

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