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The current state of blog competition is intense. Sure writers of different sites will link to each other, occasionally mention competitors, and pat each other on the back. Some writers are even close friends, but when it comes down to business they want their site to be on top. Blogs are like businesses, especially when they get popular. We each scrape and claw to carve out our little corner of the Internet in an attempt to hang on to our loyal readers.

The Apple community has created a 24 hour news cycle much like what we see from mainstream news. The difference is we care about each other a bit more than other interest circles. I have about 50 RSS feeds that I subscribe to generating about 500-600 articles per day. Obviously I don’t have time to read all that, so I skim through and read articles that interest me.

For a long time (much like many other Apple fans) I’ve read the great news site MacStories led by Federico Viticci, commonly known as “Ticci”. They’ve always provided great writing with a unique touch that the everyday common Apple fan can relate to.

Back in the beginning of December 2011, Federico announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer at 23 years old. I know what you’re thinking; is this going to be a “Save Ticci” article? No, not necessarily. My point is having worked in the healthcare field for a long time, and having seen countless young people diagnosed with this terrible disease, Ticci’s reaction was inspiring. He didn’t complain which he was more than entitled to do, and he didn’t take a woe-is-me approach. Instead, he hunkered down and began conceptualizing ideas and publishing articles that I would argue are his best work yet.

I basically wanted to take a few minutes to say that for me, a casual writer, Federico has been an inspiration. He sits at his insanely long chemotherapy sessions dealing with pushy clinicians, typing away on his iPad, preparing the next great post for his readers. For me. For you. For us. And for that, I say thanks.

Now beat that cancer, Ticci!

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Nate is a devoted husband, dad, and part-time media student. Nate's fanatical about technology, good design, UI/UX, good coffee, music, and film. He dabbles in photography, video editing, and the like. You can find him on Twitter at the handle @nateboateng.
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