Stop and Stare at Stupendous Stacker!


Picture yourself at an arcade in the 90s. From across the room, you spy a game filled with Nintendos, Furbies, Gameboys, and more. Alright, they’ve got your attention; all you have to do is beat this game and one of those prizes is yours! You go over and try it out a few times, only to realize you’ve spent all your money on that one game. I believe the fine folks Dustin Schau and Sidwyn Koh have brought that experience to your pocket, and it won’t cost you all of your week’s allowance!

Stacker is a game with a simple concept: stack the moving blocks until they reach the top of the screen. Sounds easy, right? WRONG! This game is just as curse-inducing as its real-world sibling. You get all the way to the top, just to miss the last block, “Shit!” But you’re hooked, so you try again.

The speed at which the blocks move is exactly the same as the arcade version. And just like the arcade version, there are times where I feel like I shouldn’t have gotten a stack, but I did, so I’m happy! Then there are the dark times when I swear that stupid block should’ve landed on another block, but instead he fell off the side, so I call him a loser and tell him that it’s his fault we lost the war against the sky.

Stacker Gameplay

The game is fun and provides a ton of levels and Game Center integration to keep from going stale, as well as achievements so you can tell all your friends how much better you are than them at life, the universe, and Stacker. At $1.99, I definitely recommend picking up this little game. If not only because it’s crack-addictingly fun, but because I know the creators have put brain-beatingly large amounts of time and effort into it, and I love supporting indie-devs.

Giveaway! How to win a copy of Stacker

We’ve got 5 licenses to give away! Leave a comment and let us know what your favourite arcade game is, or what game you love to hate! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, tell us a story about when you lost your cool at a game. Winners will be picked Friday 08 June at 5pm PST.

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