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It seems as with technology on the climb, we’re constantly reminded of how simplified and easy certain tasks have become, but we’re constantly reminded that it’s not an easy task to sell our things whenever the time comes around to do so. In comes Glyde, a newer, fresher, easier website that simplifies the entire process for you.

With Glyde, you buy directly from the person who has offered it for sale. You’re shown a product, given a price, and you buy it. Simple. Now, this isn’t new to Glyde, nor new to the entire process of buying objects online. However, this is where it gets interesting: you’re buying and selling to people and not a company. There are services like Amazon’s Trade-In offers, and eBay’s Instant Sale wherein you sell the item at a set price to companies who, more than likely, refurbish it and sell it for near market value. This is great and easy, but Glyde offers more. You sell the product at a set price through them, they send you a box, and you send that off to whomever bought it.

Some people are fine with selling through eBay and the like, but on top of managing to sell your item for the price you want, eBay will take a share of the profits and that didn’t sit well with me nor should it sit well with you. On top of this, you’re making the full price that you’re told you’ll be getting through Glyde. Of course, Glyde sells the actual product for a higher price, but the money you actually make through them is higher than any other service. For comparison, eBay Instant Sale offers me $218 for my iPad 2, while Glyde offered me $291.

Buying through Glyde is also a great experience. The deals you manage to get here are unparalleled. They manage to cut you deals on games in excellent condition for nearly 15 – 20 dollars off. If you’re lucky, you might manage to get something in perfect condition and sealed for upwards 60% off.

Glyde makes buying and selling things easy and simple. You shouldn’t have to muscle through big companies and give up some of the profits you’ve set to make. It should be simple; one person buys it, one person sells it. That’s what they’re all about. If you’re looking for an easy way to sell your things and an easier way to buy them, you can head on over to Glyde and check them out.

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