Ecoute for iPhone – The Music App Redone

Ecoute for iPhone

Ecoute for Mac changed the game in terms of solid iTunes replacements. The simple but refined interface, social network integration, and stand-out features made it a great buy. The developers at PixiApps have since turned their focus to iOS, and the result is beautiful. Let’s take a quick look at Ecoute for iPhone.


From the app icon to the custom UI, Ecoute beautifully displays your music. The app is chock-full of gestures too. You can swipe up to reveal the player UI, swipe left or right to switch songs, and tap on the song title to show a progress indicator. Every detail is covered. I have to admit that it takes a little getting used to the swipe gestures, but once you get them down they are indispensable. Social sharing to Twitter and is a breeze which I love because the lack of scrobbling can be a deal-breaker for a third-party music app.

What I think I like best, is the attention to detail that the PixiApps crew put into the app. There’s not anything here that wasn’t clearly thought out. It’s been a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. Ecoute is an app that can fully replace the built-in music app. There are a bunch of apps that fully fulfill certain needs; such as NowPlayer (great with shuffling and playlists) and AirTweet 2 (great for sharing), but Ecoute is the first app that made me forget that even exists.


I highly recommend checking out Ecoute for iPhone. It’s beautiful, fast, and intuitive. The clever gestures make it really easy to use and the app’s interface makes it a much better choice than the stock Music app. All of the little things you come to expect from a music app are there; AirPlay, sharing, and flexible preferences are all present and handled elegantly. The guys at PixiApps have done a great job with taking the critical functions and overwhelming beauty of Ecoute for Mac and gracefully applied it to the iPhone version. You can get Ecoute for $2.99 on the App Store.

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