Checkmark – Reminders Reimagined

My struggles with todo apps are well documented. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I wont ever settle on one system, but instead attempt to use what works fully knowing that “what works” may change on a whim. Well yesterday, a whim came along and it’s called Checkmark.

The Snowman team is small but focused. They released a good teaser video a few weeks ago that got me intrigued, and I knew something great would be coming when I heard that Marcelo Marfil was their designer. He’s a friend an incredibly talented guy. But enough about the people behind the scenes; let’s talk about what they were able to produce.

Describing how good Checkmark is isn’t easy. Think of taking Apple’s Reminders app, making it gorgeous, and then adding the features that it should’ve shipped with originally. That’s Checkmark in a nutshell. Checkmark doesn’t focus on the “what” it focuses on the “when” and “where”. Say you have a grocery store that carries your favorite fancy coffee. Add it to a list of locations in Checkmark, then add the coffee to that list. Nine taps later you’ve got your self a geo-fenced todo. Think about that for just a minute. In nine taps, we’ve created a saved location in the app, and added a todo that you’ll be notified of when you get within a certain radius of the place. That’s incredible to me. The time savings alone is worth the price of admission. Of course, Checkmark also does time-based reminders as well. Currently it doesn’t do repeat tasks, but I have a feeling it’s on the way. A Mac app is in the works as well.

There have been a slew of reviews done on Checkmark already, so I don’t want to make this longer than it needs to be. But you, our readers, need to know that if you use list or todo apps, you absolutely have to take a look at Checkmark. It’s not often that I’m floored by an app, but this one has done it. Grab it on the App Store.

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