Keep it Simple

When you’re shown something, but you can’t have it, what are you to do? You’re to sit there and gawk over it’s amazing beauty, its incredible simplicity, and stand there and look at it’s sheer brilliance of a concept that’s become so complicated. At least, that’s what I’ve done with Simple.

With Simple, you get what people have been wanting for ages – a simple way to manage their money through a bank. No need to worry about random fees, dealing with tellers who know just as much as you do about the issues, or worrying that you’ll be sitting around for hours trying to get a problem resolved. There’s no need for this when you’re given something wondrous and easy. The site lets you see what charges were made and where with its own map, create goals for yourself so you can manage your money, and possibly save up enough money to buy that new bike for your son or the holidays. It’s manages to mix personal money management into a bank and to say the least: it does it well..

There’s not much to say about what Simple is since it’s not open just yet (invites are currently being sent out) and we’re only looking from the outside in, but we’re ready to see where this small company is able to go with such elegance and grace. Aside from design, it looks very organized and it seems any possible problems you might face with a normal bank don’t exist here. We’re excited about it and think you should be too.

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