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Unread — RSS for iOS 7 & Giveaway!

Jared Sinclair is mostly known for his previous offerings in the App Store: Pillboxie is a medication management app (Jared’s a registered nurse), and Riposte is an innovative client — co-created with Jamin Guy — that demonstrates some incredibly original mechanics that read more »

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Fantastical — Making the Obvious the Standard

It’s difficult to find apps that possess a flawless blend of usability, design, and function, but sometimes you stumble upon that perfect combination. Apps like Tweetie of yesteryear, the newly reborn Facebook app, and even the slow rebuilding of Instagram read more »

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Cleartones — Fresh, Clean, Pleasant Sounds

Walking down the street, shopping at the mall, and riding on the metro, although typically unrelated, usually have one thing in common: the nearby noise of a horrendous, grating, brain-piercing ringtone. Ringtones are meant to work as alarm clocks do; read more »

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Stop and Stare at Stupendous Stacker!

Picture yourself at an arcade in the 90s. From across the room, you spy a game filled with Nintendos, Furbies, Gameboys, and more. Alright, they’ve got your attention; all you have to do is beat this game and one of read more »

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Sketch 2 – A Breath Of Fresh Air + Giveaway!

Let’s get a few things straight, here. I’m a designer and I hate Photoshop. Unfortunately, there’s no better alternative out there. A lot of people have been shouting “USE FIREWORKS” in my face, but I brush’em off because I hate read more »

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And The Winner is…

A few days ago we began a giveaway for some fancy new Urbanears Indigo Bagis headphones. While many entered, there can clearly only be one winner. The winner of this fantastic first of giveaway on Culture Milk is…

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App Spotlight: Fantastical

When I wrote about one of my favorite iPhone apps, Week Calendar, I mentioned that my issues working with calendars on OS X were solved by the “game-changing Fantastical”. I got some responses from folks asking if I’d write about read more »

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Urbanears Indigo Bagis Giveaway

We’ve got something here. We’ve got something pretty cool, pretty interesting, and pretty brand spanking new. We’ve got some Urbanears Indigo Bagis to give away, and we want you — yes, you — to try and win them. Instructions after read more »

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