Culture Milk Book Club Podcast 01


We’re back! We also never left! We’re here with our first round table podcast where we discuss the sci-fi adventure novel Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones. We spent the month of September reading the book, taking notes, and poorly recording ourselves when talking about it, so here’s the final product. Although this is our first foray into podcasting, and our first recording is a bit rough around the edges because of it, we’re still excited to share it with you all. And we’re excited to have you listen to it!

About Book Club Team

The Book Club team consists of Shawn Wilkins, Brittany Stevens, and Gianna Gargiulo. Every month, a new book will be posted, a new podcast will be posted, and a new world will be opened. The only hope is that you will be alongside us all for the journey packed into each chapter.
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