Rdio Roundabout

Rdio Roundabout

Hey you lovely folk, and welcome to our third installation of Rdio Roundabout. If you don’t already know, this is a bi-weekly feature where Nate Boateng and I round up some of our favourite releases from the past two weeks on Rdio. We do this in hopes of helping you rascals find some new tuneage to blast into your little earholes. So if you’re ready, fasten your searbelts and hop in!

Nate’s Picks

Nate’s a big fat loser pants and didn’t find any albums for you guys this time around. I guess he doesn’t love you like I do. It’s okay baby, I’ma take care of you. Come cuddle up next to Jake, I’ll make everything okay.

Jake’s Picks

Ten Stories by mewithoutYou
Ten Stories by mewithoutYou

Aaron Weiss, the vocalist for mewithoutYou, has always been one of my all time favourite lyricists. He’s consistently stuffing his songs with allegory and such beautiful metaphorical visions of animals and revelation. This album is no exception as he craftfully blends the styles of his past albums and most recent. Swapping between hard vocals of desperation and sing-song stories of the farm, this album is a must-listen.

Fambly 42 by Toys That Kill
Fambly 42 by Toys That Kill

Toys That Kill are new to me, and they took a chainsaw to my soggy face after I was in the bath for too long. This album is super crusty and grungy punk-rock like old Green Day covered in fossilized ambergris. If you’ve seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and liked his band Sex Bob-omb, this is definitely for you. Check them out before they massacre your face.

Kickin' & Screamin' by Krizz Kaliko
Kickin’ & Screamin’ by Krizz Kaliko

It’s not often that I like a rap album, especially one with pop influences; however, Krizz Kaliko’s Kickin’ & Screamin’ hooked me in like a big-mouthed bass outta Lake Pontchartrain. It’s gritty and rough and has some undertones of actual good lyricism. Some of the songs have a dubstep-esque score (I know, I’m just as sick as you of dubstep), but somehow it just makes the song even more raw and easily addicting. Give this guy a listen.

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