Stir Up a Song with Ramen Music

We live in a life and time where listening to music has become ten times more complicated than it needs to be. Why? We have no idea. You can’t listen to music that you may enjoy because someone is waiting just around the corner to yell at you in the most passive aggressive tones that your body will ever experience. However, you can find both music you enjoy, and music that others will enjoy, through something “hand delivered” to you: Ramen Music.

Ramen Music is a one-of-its-kind magazine-esque site targeted solely at displaying new, different music.. It’s an online magazine of sorts. As any magazine would, you apply for a subscription of either a year or more, but the higher you go (of the three tiers) the more you save. The three tiers include a $39 USD price for a year, $99 USD for three years, and a special Investor pricing of $149 USD that lasts forever, never gets renewed, and you’re constantly given the music you so crave. These prices may seem a bit steep for some people, however, I am willing to help support independent artists who just want to get their name out there in any way that I can and these prices aren’t incredibly or brain numbingly high.

Aside from getting decent music every two months, you get music from various genres. One month might be folk-inspired music, but the next might be poetically styled hip hop. I’ve found myself falling in love with music from genres that I’ve never dreamt myself listening to because the music I’m being given is written with fingers that have a need for writing music. Often, when you turn on the radio, you hear music that is created with the sole intent to sell. The way it makes you feel like you can dance, the way it talks about problems you may have with boyfriends and girlfriends, or the way it projects a lifestyle totally opposite of yours. But here, we have something different. You have people who write because they have something to say and not because they were told what to say. You have people who write music for their own joy and not for other people to fall in love with. Us falling in love with it is simply an occurrence that can’t be avoided. You can compare the music displayed in Ramen Music to homemade cookies and tracks on the radio to store bought. Homemade cookies will forever be better and warm, while store bought will always taste the same, albeit, sometimes good.

There’s nothing secret or anything hiding within Ramen Music. It’s simply a place for people to subscribe to a magazine that supplies people with good music and a look into the artist’s head while doing so. The artwork seen in each of the artist’s cover shots is great. The short interviews supply you with a clean look into their mind. Not too overwhelming, not too little to grasp on to. The artists get 75% of the sales and we all know they need and deserve it. Go support the artists and support something created with them in mind — Ramen Music.

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