Lana Del Rey

Every year we’re faced with new and upcoming artists who are either rebuilding who they are as musicians or trying to find that ground to stand on to make it somewhere in the business. We’re presented with someone from both sides of the field and she goes by the name Lana Del Rey. From her lyrics about troubled relationships, obsessions with sexual tension, and her need for love, her music is easy to relate to for countless people.

Lana (birth name Elizabeth Grant) has been around in the music business since 2010, but her sound and general atmosphere has changed since her first album – drastically. She had a nice voice, as usual, but her songs lacked one thing that they’ve since found; substance. She’s been able to identify herself as a person and find what sets her apart form others and make music about it. She’s been through these relationships, lets people take a trip into her mind, and voices herself through it all. May it be about a past romance, a dream of hers, or a simple ideology that she thinks must be heard, she lays it on the line for you to hear.

Her voice is far from simple. Many artists have “their voice” or “their sound” and Del Rey definitely has a sound, but her voice is something that ranges. Not between sounds, but between emotions. When explaining her stories through songs, she lets you feel what she feels through her voice and the emotion and pain that it conveys. There’s nothing better than music that has meaning, tells a story, isn’t afraid to get personal, and has a nice voice behind it all. We grow tired of hearing the same love stories with the people singing them, so Lana is a nice breath of fresh air into music. It’s nice to hear something brand new and crafted solely from creativity.

You can get Lana Del Rey’s newest EP for $3.96 or you can pre-order her album, which comes out on January 30th, for $7.99. We’re excited to hear more music from Lana and if her EP is only a portion of her album, then the entire thing must be built to perfection.

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