Introducing: Rdio Roundabout

Hi! This is the first in a new bi-weekly adventure being taken by Nate and myself. We are both avid Rdio users bursting at the seams with our love of music. Every Tuesday on Rdio is “New Releases” day and a whole slew of new albums is cut loose upon the world. Nate and I have decided to weed through those records and bring you some of our new favorites! Strap in, adjust your headphones, ready your mind and enjoy yourself!

Nate’s Picks

Miike Snow
Happy To You – Miike Snow
Miike Snow is a Swedish “electro-pop” trio that dropped their sophomore album Happy To You a few weeks ago. The band’s self-titled first album was no slouch with fans, gaining a relatively large following, but I think that Happy To You is much better. Electro-pop isn’t usually known for embracing strong melodies, but Miike Snow does this beautifully throughout the album. Songs like The Wave illustrate this perfectly. I highly recommend checking out Happy To You. I’ve been hooked since it was released.

Gone – Vacationers
The other album I’ve had on repeat recently is Vacationer’s Gone. This is one of the most feel-good and relaxing albums I’ve heard in a long time.

From the band’s profile:

The eastern seaboard’s foremost relaxation specialists have teamed up to compile this unique collection of serenity-inducing sonic arrangements. The audio program you are about to experience was designed with the sole purpose of relaxing the listener and sending their mind on a well-deserved trip. No airfare needed, no reservations. Simply settle in, relax and enjoy; Vacation from anywhere at anytime.

I couldn’t agree more. Make sure to check this one out

Jake’s Picks

151a - Kishi Bashi
151a – Kishi Bashi
This orchestral indietastic album is a clap-happy festival of pure joy accompanied by plenty of synth and catchy hooks delivered straight to you by the velvet vocals of K Ishibashi. Kishi Bashi is new to me and I was instantly addicted from the moment I heard the up-beat, finger-drum inducing Intro. This album is a roller coaster of tracks that you can’t help but dance to and slower bits that make you want to join a college a capella group. Give’m a listen

The Lumineers - The Lumineers
The Lumineers – The Lumineers
The Lumineers is a group that I discovered thanks to the New Releases on Rdio. They’re a folky acoustic jam telling stories of love, life lessons, and giving sound advice. The vocals are sung out beautifully along the surface of carefree musical construction to get you off your feet and get you dancing next to some fine lady/gentleman. Ch-ch-check it out!

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