Gina Soden and Creepy Urban Photography

Happy Halloween! Today you’re in for a treat of chilling images by photographer Gina Soden. Soden resides in the UK and is well-known globally for her images of abandoned places. This type of photography, known as “Urban Exploration,” or in slang, “Ruin Porn,” has been gaining popularity in the photography universe. There’s a certain thrill involved in finding deserted locations and capturing a scene that shows generations of life without a single person in it.

These types of photos are often more creepy than wholesome, with the edge of decay peeking into the frame. Those looking to break into the field can anticipate a heavy amount of research on abandoned places since they’re typically off the grid, and more often than not, off limits to curious photographers. This type of art walks a dangerous line between the law and publishing works taken on private property, but the risk and time are well worth the haunting results.

To see more of Gina Soden’s work, check out her website.

I hope you all enjoy tons of candy and cider and steer clear of any abandoned buildings. You never know what kind of lonely haunts may be lurking within those desolate walls on Halloween night.

About Rachel Ridings

Rachel is from Denver, CO., but spends a lot of her time traveling the world and taking photos. She is an Interactive Producer and freelance photographer to pay the bills and an avid blogger to stay sane. She also probably spends more money on iPhone apps than she does on food.
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