Zomboy “Game Time” EP

I had first heard of Zomboy a few months ago, while browsing some of the UKF Dubstep videos on YouTube. I was really impressed – they had a great, unique sound, along with all the filthy wub-wubs, wobbles and dirty drops. They have since released a full EP, titled “Game Time”, that is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. It starts off with the awesome song Pirate Hookers, and does not disappoint as you traverse through the rest of the album. They have a really solid mix of great, catchy melodies, with all the dirty basslines you’ve come to expect in today’s dubstep beats.

Although I received the EP with what appears to be two extra songs (Dirty Disko and P.A.R.T.Y), the official EP on the Never Say Die records website is only 4 tracks long. I highly recommend you try and get a hold of the 2 aforementioned tunes as well, as they’re equally as awesome as the rest of the EP.

You can grab the EP on iTunes, Beatport and a few other places if you just Google around.

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