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Though it may only be suitable for traveling in cold climates and winter months, Robdechi is a concept that shouldn’t be overlooked.

A Robdechi is a basically a scarf with some interesting additions. Most notable is a collar that inflates to a neck pillow that you can use in the car, plane, bus, DMV, or sewer ditch. There are also pockets on the inside and out where you can keep your wallet, phone, and more in. There’s also a hood on some models to break the wind. All of these things make it for a perfect traveling companion.

However, if you’re using it to travel to or from anywhere that’s got a steamy climate, you’re going to either look ridiculous wearing it with lighter clothes or have to compensate with more layers, which is bound to dehydrate and kill.

Design-wise, the inside comes in three argyle-covered color combinations, grey/pink for the ladies, brown/blue for the fellas, and black/purple for anyone who enjoys being classy. The outside of these match the inside, with gray, beige, and black respectively. There’s also a higher-class limited edition version with red and gray stripes and a gray outside.

The goal is $10,000 and there are currently 26 backers funding it at $3,796. It’s a bit expensive, as the lowest backing is $95 for a full-featured Robdechi, but if you find yourself traveling a lot in the winter or live in Antarctica, you might consider funding a no-brainer. But if you live in Southern California and only travel to Florida, you might consider passing this one up.

Check out their video below for a better look and more info.

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I don't know, the neck pillow seems kind of tacky. It just reminds me of an angry lizard.

JakeMoore moderator

It's a cool idea, but it's way too long. I also think the pockets should be nearer to chest-height.